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The Amazing History of Air Jordan 1 Mid'

Jan 14, 2022

As you know Air Jordan 1 High , Is seen as an icon of sneaker culture. With its original design and rich history, it is one of the most popular pairs in the world of sneakers. However, a word has spread, and it doesn't seem to please fans of the legendary Air Jordan High: Jordan 1 Mid. As divisive as it gets, it remains one of the best-selling couples today. A look at the history and crazy success of Mid.

How did the idea of AJ1 Mid come about?
Air Jordan 1 Mid Appeared in Japan, where it was very popular in the 90 s/2000 s. Seeing its success soar, Nike decided to release a collection adapted to Japanese consumers with small sizes, and this is how the Jordan 1 Mid "Japan Pack" series was born. Thanks to the success of this first package, Nike released the "Patent Package" in 2003, which solidified the Mid on the Air Jordan list. Twenty years later, Jordan 1 Mid reappeared with "Fearless: Maison Château-Rouge." It's a model and collaboration that brings some freshness to the middle universe, but is also the subject of many discussions. Although it was very popular in the past, it was a new quest and innovation for the model that caused more and more trouble within the sports shoe culture.

What are the differences between High and Mid?

Mid Is the subject of many discussions regarding their aesthetic differences, especially with High. First of all, the first thing that is noticed is its size. Size from High Is a little lower And a lacing hole is missing. Air Jordan 1 High 'S language has the "Nike Air" logo. Jordan High Unlike in Air Jordan 1 Mid" Jumpman "Logo is located. In addition, the material difference is also one of the basic elements of the difference between the two models. From the top model More convenient Which is AJ1 Mid is equipped with comfortable or non-durable leather. Finally, what really sets Air Jordan 1 Mid from Air Jordan 1 High is its price. Much more Affordable Less than High, given that it is Premium Has targeting and corresponds to a wider audience.

Why is Air Jordan 1 Mid leaving so much?

Air Jordan 1 High More affordable, more accessible and sold in larger quantities than Air Jordan 1 Mid , Can not always get positive feedback by the sneaker community. With its structure as well as its history, purists often take on the originality of the model's ideas Doubts They're voicing it. This questioning especially the couple less Good quality The remaining skins and materials are the reason but also From High Is also very different. By the way, the model was released in 2006 and the original "Black Toe" Except for the Old Love/New Love package, which featured the color group, it never had an OG color.

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