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The following rights and obligations apply to all users.
Name, surname, telephone, etc. requested when ordering. information must be entered completely and correctly.
The Company is prohibited from using software, undertakings or attempts to threaten the security of ZAPTILA, prevent or disrupt the operation of the system.
The user confirms the accuracy of the information provided and accepts in advance any consequences that may arise from the inaccuracy of this information. ZAPTILA does not check and confirm whether the information provided by users is correct and does not accept responsibility in this regard.
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ZAPTILA is not responsible for the information, messages and files or shipments that will be lost and/or incomplete, sent to the wrong address during the use of ZAPTILA.
In online payments, in case the card is used unlawfully by someone other than the holder, the transaction is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law No. 5464 dated 23.02.2006 and the Regulation on Debit Cards and Credit Cards published in the Official Gazette dated 10.03.2007 and numbered 26458. makes.
The information, photos, links contained in ZAPTILA cannot be copied and used for another product or service.
ZAPTILA is not responsible for failing to fulfill its obligations set forth in this contract due to errors caused by reasons other than its own initiative, such as mechanical, electronic or communicative failure or deterioration.
If any provision of this agreement is deemed unenforceable or invalid, such invalidity will be limited to that case only and the remainder of the agreement will remain fully valid.
This contract is interpreted within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Turkey, regardless of legal disputes, and Istanbul Courts are authorized to implement this contract.
Visitors who want to use ZAPTILA are deemed to have accepted the conditions stated above in advance.
The Company is not responsible for any damages that may occur to themselves or other users due to the users' non-compliance with the above conditions.
ZAPTILA reserves the right to change the discount and campaign conditions without prior notice.
ZAPTILA reserves the right to make any changes in the above-mentioned articles without any prior notice.